The veganning ❤

Simple ;

I’m not a writer you’ll see. Im a  French girl from Montreal who Just wanna share picture of her food .But seem like everybody wants the recipe .

Starting slowly but surely!!

I love animals !!! I dont wanna eat them or any kind of pain they are having . I don’t wanna be a part of this mutilation or over consuming stuff .

I wanna be healthy because now that i don’t eat any animal product i feel 100% better .    I want people to have conscience of what’s going on and i want them to enjoy a plant diet everyday . WHY ?! Because it’s saving millions of animals and it’s good and fun and refreshing. I love my new vegan community on Instagram that i follow; i follow many people . I LOVE ALL OF THEM for any reason they have to be vegan or vegetarian or even to be meat eater once a month. (better than nothing) Conscience it’s something you built. I have a lot of love to give ha ha ! If i can show 1 person with my recipe or my idea that being vegan it’s something AMAZING…great im happy. I love cooking anyway . Putting my recipes in my picture in here and Instagram it’s gonna take all my free time but it’s ok i’m very excited .

let’s start ….






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2 thoughts on “The veganning ❤

  1. Welcome to the blogging community. Nice layout of your site. I’ll look forward to future posts. This content is really interesting and exciting to me.

    1. Thank you hope you will enjoy the recipes i will post in here ..For now you can also follow me on Instagram @ Vegealltheway 😉

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