The veganning ❤

Simple ;

I’m not a writer you’ll see. Im a  French girl from Montreal who Just wanna share picture of her food .But seem like everybody wants the recipe .

Starting slowly but surely!!

I love animals !!! I dont wanna eat them or any kind of pain they are having . I don’t wanna be a part of this mutilation or over consuming stuff .

I wanna be healthy because now that i don’t eat any animal product i feel 100% better .    I want people to have conscience of what’s going on and i want them to enjoy a plant diet everyday . WHY ?! Because it’s saving millions of animals and it’s good and fun and refreshing. I love my new vegan community on Instagram that i follow; i follow many people . I LOVE ALL OF THEM for any reason they have to be vegan or vegetarian or even to be meat eater once a month. (better than nothing) Conscience it’s something you built. I have a lot of love to give ha ha ! If i can show 1 person with my recipe or my idea that being vegan it’s something AMAZING…great im happy. I love cooking anyway . Putting my recipes in my picture in here and Instagram it’s gonna take all my free time but it’s ok i’m very excited .

let’s start ….






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2 réflexions sur “The veganning ❤

  1. Welcome to the blogging community. Nice layout of your site. I’ll look forward to future posts. This content is really interesting and exciting to me.

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    1. Thank you hope you will enjoy the recipes i will post in here ..For now you can also follow me on Instagram @ Vegealltheway 😉

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